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Ultra Waste Management is leading distributor of the Excel Industries ltd. For entire Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh & Vidharba of Maharashtra. So Many Organic Waste Machines Installed & Maintenance by Ultra Waste Management to Last 05 Years. Ultra Waste Management Also Provide Operation & Maintenance of Organic waste converter machines.

Organic Waste

  • Biodegradable waste includes any organic matter in waste which can be broken down into carbon dioxide, water, methane or simple organic molecules by micro-organisms and other living things using composting, aerobic digestion, anaerobic digestion or similar processes. In waste management, it also includes some inorganic materials which can be decomposed by bacteria. Such materials include gypsum and its products such as plasterboard and other simple organic sulfates which can be decomposed to yield hydrogen sulfide in anaerobic landfill conditions.
  • In domestic waste collection, the scope of biodegradable waste may be narrowed to include only those degradable wastes capable of being handled in the local waste handling facilities.

  • Sources Of Organic Waste

  • Organic waste can be commonly found in municipal solid waste (sometimes called biodegradable municipal waste, or BMW) as green waste, food waste, paper waste, and biodegradable plastics. Other biodegradable wastes include human waste, manure, sewage, sewage sludge and slaughterhouse waste. In the absence of oxygen, much of this waste will decay to methane by anaerobic digestion.
  • In many parts of the developed world, biodegradable waste is separated from the rest of the waste stream, either by separate kerb-side collection or by waste sorting after collection. At the point of collection such waste is often referred to as Green waste. Removing such waste from the rest of the waste stream substantially reduces waste volumes for disposal and also allows biodegradable waste to be composted where composting facilities exist.

  • How To Recycle Organic Waste

  • Collecting Organic Materials
  • Participating in a Town Composting Plan
  • Composting Your Organic Waste at Home
  • Exploring Alternative Methods of Recycling Your Biodegradable Materials

  • Organic Waste Converter Machines

    OWC Organic Waste Converter Machine

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